Nov 23, 2016
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Idiot Parking Cards

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For all those bloody idiots who don’t know how to park a car properly, or those idiots who don’t even care.

check-it-out-blueIf you’ve ever been angered by someone’s complete of parking skills then this is for you. 100 business sized cards for you to leave to really get that idiot’s attention. On the back you can even explain to them why they are such a douche.

Ever seen one car taking up two spaces? Ever seen a perfectly able bodied person park in a disabled space? Or someone with no kids park in the parent and child spaces? How about the idiot that thinks it’s okay to park so close to your car that you have a real struggle to get out? idiot-parking-backAre these people even aware that they are not the only person on the road? Well we’re here to tell you, we need to let them know. With a bright red attention grabbing front, these cards have sections on the back for you to fill in.

We love, love, love these cards! Get some and when you need to use them snap a pic and send it in to us, we’d love to see them in action.

Brilliantly rude for:

  • Everyone who can park

Maybe too rude for:

  • Everyone who cannot park



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